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Techniques Utilized

The following is a list of techniques utilized by our office.

There are many methods used within the chiropractic profession. There is an increasing number of “Low-Force” methods that have been developed over the last several years that have excellent results. Doctor Terry specializes in Several Low-Force methods, which allow maximum improvement while offering comfort to the patient. All of these methods have their own name attached. Doctor Terry has found, with few exceptions, that most patients don’t care what the name of the technique is so long as they get results. However, there are some patients who are moving into the area that are looking for a specific technique - listed below are the techniques he uses. Some of them will have web site links listed next to them or will have information in the “Patient Download” tab at the left of the main page of this web site.

  • Diversified Technique Adjustments of the Spine and Extremities
  • Bio Energetic Synchonization Technique (BEST) -
  • Cervical Disc Techniques
  • Injury Recall Technique
  • Jaffe-Melor Technique (modified)
  • Low Force Instrument Adjusting
  • Lumbar Disc Techniques
  • Myofascial Release
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Pain Desensitization

We utilize cutting-edge technology to assist the patient in achieving their maximum health potential.